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Posted by Sequel on December 5, 2013
Topic: blogs
Tags: International IP, TPP Treaty

TPP Treaty May Have Unintended Consequences for Fair Use

If press reports are to be believed — and their increasing number and frequency suggests they should be — the Administration is cooking up some unpleasant surprises in its tightly held (some would say secretive) discussions around the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Reportedly, a potential TPP treaty will significantly impact our copyright laws. Like many trade […]

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Posted by Sequel on September 16, 2013
Topic: blogs, Patents
Tags: Federal Circuit, software

Chaos Reigns as Software Patents Take Another Body Blow in Federal Circuit

UPDATE DEC. 6,2013. The U.S. Supreme Court announced today it will review the case cited in this article. If you’re considering pursuing a patent for a software product, you might want to reconsider. The courts have made a seriously chaotic mess out of this subject in recent months, rendering the usefulness of such patents even […]

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Posted by Sequel on April 23, 2013
Topic: blogs, Privacy
Tags: Court rulings, Privacy

One State Court Finds Requiring Zip Codes to Be a Privacy Issue

If you require your customers to supply a ZIP Code as a part of a transactions, you might want to rethink that practice.

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Posted by Sequel on March 18, 2013
Topic: Privacy
Tags: European Union

Even If You Think European Laws Don’t Or Shouldn’t Apply To You, It Is Important That You Keep An Eye On Privacy Issues Across The Pond.

Everyone knows that the Internet is a global medium, that it is no respecter of national boundaries,

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Posted by Sequel on May 11, 2012
Topic: Data Security
Tags: cloud computing, Data Security

The Claim that Cloud Computing will Solve all Your Data Security Problems

It really bugs me that businesses are signing up for cloud computing services (“CCS”)  before considering whether the CCS’s contract and service levels actually capture what is promised in advertising claims like this: Web attacks and retribution campaigns are on the rise, and they have become more frequent, more random and more extreme. Distributed cloud […]

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