We are not interested in merely hiring resumes. We look for people with a demonstrated ability to grow and perform a variety of duties over the course of a career. Sequel routinely asks employees—both lawyers and legal support staff—to think beyond their current position, point of view and habits. There is no room for limitations. We want people who are willing to take initiative, to push the edges and find new ways to solve clients’ legal issues. Why? Because our clients benefit from Sequel lawyers who are well-trained, confident, visionary, persistent and courageous.

Sequel’s culture is entrepreneurial, intellectually rigorous and team-oriented. Our people are given a lot of responsibility and freedom right off the bat. It is an environment where employees can thrive, play a significant role in the firm and engage in meaningful work. If you are interested in being part of the Sequel team, please take a look at the opportunities listed below. If there is an opening in your area of expertise, please contact us at

Current opportunities

There are no openings at this time.