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Posted by Sequel on May 15, 2014
Topic: blogs
Tags: Patent litigation

Make Sure All Parties With Interest Are Engaged in Patent Infringement Suit

In an appeal from a bankruptcy ruling (Taylor v. Taylor Made Plastics Inc., 2014-1212, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Washington), the appellate court ruled that the omission of an ex-wife who had a 60% interest in the patent in question voided the attempt by the original patent owner to sue for infringement. […]

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Posted by Sequel on May 9, 2014
Topic: blogs, Trade Secrets

Filing of Patent Can Act as Constructive Notice of Possible Trade Secret Breach

If someone in possession of another’s trade secrets files a patent application including those secrets, the application may be considered a sufficient notice of possible breach for the purpose of statutes of limitations. That appears to be the result of a recent ruling by the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California in […]

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Posted by Sequel on May 8, 2014
Topic: blogs, Copyrights
Tags: Copyright Trolling

“Copyright Troll” Business Model Case Heard Before DC Appellate Court

In a rare event, The DC Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in the middle of April in AF Holdings v. Does 1-1058, a case centered on what has become known as the “copyright troll business model.” These are cases brought by copyright holders which attempt to join together in a single action hundreds or […]

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Posted by Sequel on May 6, 2014
Topic: blogs, Trade Secrets
Tags: inevitable disclosure rule

Courts Seem Reluctant to Enforce Non-Compete Agreements Without ‘Troubling Facts’

The scenario is all too common. A top-level executive at a company is enticed by a competitor to take a similar role with it. An agreement is struck and the executive announces his intent to switch companies. Immediately his former company files a suit against him and the competitor charging any or all of breach […]

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Posted by Sequel on April 10, 2014
Topic: blogs, Trade Secrets
Tags: Client lists

Nebraska Court Puts Client List Protection Under a Cloud

A court in Nebraska has ruled that a client list that contains only data that could be obtained from other public sources may not be protected as a trade secret. The ruling, if adopted more broadly in other jurisdictions, could undo a long tradition of treating such lists as legitimate trade secret information. In First […]

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