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Posted by Sequel on October 29, 2013
Topic: blogs, Trade Secrets
Tags: Attorney Fees, Bad Faith

Bad Faith Applies to Continuing Baseless Suits, Court Rules

In the 47 states that have adopted The Uniform Trade Secrets Act, a plaintiff who files a lawsuit in bad faith for misappropriation of trade secrets can be ordered to pay the defendant’s attorney fees. Until recently, however, it wasn’t clear whether such a right extended to defendants against whom such a lawsuit was maintained […]

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Posted by Sequel on October 17, 2013
Topic: blogs, Privacy
Tags: European Union, U.S., White House

White House Turns Up Heat on Consumer Internet Privacy Legislation

Recent revelations of widespread spying and eavesdropping by the National Security Agency (NSA) and other government agencies has triggered a heightened sense of concern on the part of privacy-sensitive European nations. These allies in turn have brought pressure on the Obama Administration to create legislative safeguards against undue privacy intrusion, a subject about which EU […]

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Posted by Sequel on October 17, 2013
Topic: blogs, IP and Technology, Trade Secrets
Tags: Email, IT, Security, Theft

Network Access Responsible for 58% of Insider Theft of Trade Secrets, Study Finds

The theft of intellectual property and particularly of trade secrets has become an area of increasing concern among businesses in the past decade. In part, this appears to be due to the relative ease with which such information can be stolen over legitimate network access links. A study by the Insider Threat Lab of the […]

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Posted by Sequel on October 3, 2013
Topic: blogs
Tags: book, Melise, publishing

Melise’s New Book Due Out in Spring 2014

Melise Blakeslee has announced that LexisNexis has agreed to publish her new book, Internet Crimes and Data Security in the Spring. This is Melise’s second published book. It expands greatly on her first title, Internet Crimes, Torts and Scams: Investigation and Remedies, published in previous years by Oxford University Press. “The new book includes a […]

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Posted by Sequel on September 24, 2013
Topic: blogs, Copyrights
Tags: Safe Harbor, Vimeo

Safe Harbor Exceptions Not Always Iron-Clad, Court Rules in Vimeo Case

A Federal judge’s ruling in a big copyright lawsuit this week should serve as a reminder to everyone involved in copyright litigation: don’t give up merely because a safe harbor exception seems to be in play. Several big record labels brought a suit against Vimeo, a user-generated content video web site, charging it had infringed […]

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