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Shawn Curtis


Before practicing law, Shawn used to be a full-time IT professional spending over 15 years in the technology industry with companies such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc., WeightWatchers, and a variety of others representing the diversity of American business. Starting as a programmer, Shawn worked his way up to several executive level positions including VP of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer.

Shawn then left the tech world in pursuit of his law degree, graduating from The George Washington University Law School. Since then, he has focused on providing legal advice and counsel to business owners and executives to serve the needs of companies he knows best, small and medium sized technology shops. He has taken the skills he honed negotiating contracts and managing multi-million dollar technology projects and married them with his legal skills, providing valuable insight from both aspects to his legal clients. Shawn also provides invaluable help with respect to open source licensing and software due diligence. A good example of this is his recent work for a Sequel client assessing a large amount of software code, line-by-line, for potential copyright infringement issues.

In his virtual general counsel capacity, Shawn has particular skills in employment and benefits law, as well as a strong immigration law practice to help Sequel’s clients obtain top talent from other countries.