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Mike Barnes


Mike Barnes, of Counsel, provides strategic counsel to businesses, not-for-profits, licensed professionals, fiduciaries, and individuals.

Focusing on industries where government legislation and regulation intersect with emerging trends and opportunities, Mike Barnes helps clients steer their commercial activities to position themselves at the head of a market. By advising them on strategy that encompasses not only understanding the legal and policy environment but also the political setting, he enables his clients to navigate the increasingly tricky waters of success in areas where legislative, regulatory, and judicial actions are often seen as threats.

In one case, Mike provided counsel to a medium pharmaceutical firm whose products were in an area of intense Congressional and Federal regulatory focus. He assisted that company in positioning itself so well that it was acquired by a larger company, which Mike also helped succeed to such a degree that the merged firm was ultimately acquired by one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world in a high-value buyout.

“We’ve often helped our cutting-edge clients to meet public interests and needs while promoting their commercial interests,” Mike says.

As a former confidential counsel in the drug policy office of the White House, Mike is clearly positioned to provide very high-level advice and strategic counsel to firms engaged in activities where that intersection of public policy and public interest can sometimes jeopardize commercial success.

Mike obtained his Juris Doctor degree from George Mason University School of Law. He earned a master’s degree in international economic policy from La Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he lived and studied as a Rotary Foundation International Ambassadorial Scholar. He received his bachelor’s degree summa cum laude from Flagler College.  In 2007, Flagler College honored Mr. Barnes with its Young Alumni Achievement Award.

Mike Barnes has spoken at Congressional briefings, legislative hearings, and national conferences, and frequently provides analysis for Fox News Channel, CNN, HLN, and other media outlets. He is the managing attorney of DCBA Law & Policy.