A trademark protects a company’s investment in its reputation – in its brand, making it one of the most valuable assets of any business. Sequel helps clients develop and protect the value of their trademarks with a full range of services.

Our services include:

  • Counseling and global strategy
  • Clearance
  • Registration
  • Enforcement
  • Domain names
  • Licensing

Counseling and Global Strategy

We go beyond simple trademark prosecution to help clients shape a global strategy for brand protection. Sequel can help decide where to file, when to file, and how to manage relationships with affiliates, distributors and suppliers.


Prior to the adoption of any trademark, we recommend initiating a clearance search. Aside from the obvious benefits of avoiding an infringement problem, there are other long-term benefits. First, a clearance opinion helps us think strategically about the scope of an application. This threshold step helps us draft an application that is more likely to avoid a refusal and a costly response. Second, reliance on a written opinion provides a measure of defense against an unforeseen claim of willful infringement.


Our depth of knowledge and experience with hundreds of successful applications allows us to work very efficiently and provide protection and prosecution services at a reasonable cost. As a result, all our domestic trademark services are offered on a fixed-fee basis, in addition to traditional hourly rates. In addition, we can supervise the prosecution and maintenance of global trademark portfolios.


Enforcement is just as important as registration when protecting a brand.  We help our clients fight back against infringement and put their enforcement dollars to best use through careful prioritization and appropriately scaled response.

Domain Names

Sequel is an expert in trademark enforcement on the Internet, including domain names. The threats to valuable brands are real, and they are everywhere – counterfeiting, phishing and diversion to competitors, just to name a few. We help our clients develop an online stewardship program to identify the threats to their brands, prioritize them, and take action where appropriate. We can also advise on defensive registrations to proactively protect a brand.


Licensing is an important part of getting the full value from a brand, as well as controlling trademark use. Sequel’s attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of trademark licensing, including intra-company licensing, distribution agreements, co-branding, joint ventures, and private label agreements.