Litigation is always a gamble—and like the old gambler in the Kenny Rogers’ song says, “you gotta’ know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.” Whether in the courtroom or at the card table, the objective is to play the hand you’re dealt and come out ahead.

For Sequel, the old gambler’s advice captures the essence of what we offer our clients in litigation cases—exceptional judgment, depth of knowledge about the subject and years of experience involving copyright, trademark, trade secret, unfair competition, consumer protection, false advertising, and patent infringement. Sequel also handles business litigation, such as breach of contract, enforcement of non-competition agreements, business fraud, deceptive trade practices, and termination of distributors.

With a keen awareness of the stakes involved for our clients, our measured approach is designed to save clients money while positioning them for the advantage.

Click here for several case studies on how we handle litigations.

Sequel welcomes contingency fee cases.  We are willing to share with our clients some of the risk associated with enforcing IP rights.  Our first step is to evaluate claims to identify only those possessing the highest degree of merit.  When an appropriate claim is identified, we will work with investment entities to structure a transaction to spread the risk of unlocking the value of larger IP claims.

There are other instances in which a client may need us to handle just a portion of a litigation, such as e-Discovery, to keep the costs of an overall litigation down.  Several members of our team have strong investigative and analytic backgrounds. Leveraging that expertise, we are happy to help with just the discovery portion of a litigation as a part of a collaborative team.  We have partnered in this way on copyright and employment litigation, and evaluated the  merits of a potential case by discreet investigation of employee hard-drives.

As part of our services we offer a cloud computing and document storage solution to make e-Discovery a bit more manageable for everyone. These efforts are supported by our document processor — Digital WarRoom with whom we have a close and effective working relationship.