Data Protection & Privacy

Sequel Technology & IP Law understands that data is fundamental to business success. Our clients rely on our deep experience to address legal issues related to data commercialization, management and protection.

Sequel’s clients commercialize some of the world’s most extensive databases of information in industry sectors that range from international travel to retail purchasing, from financial services to 21st century medicine. We support our clients across the data life cycle. We help companies understand what data they hold, how they process and share it, and their obligations to protect it. 

Our services include:

  • Drafting privacy policies
  • Data mapping
  • Compliance with U.S. and EU law
  • Establishing contract requirements for vendors and clients
  • Understanding and clarifying the chain of data ownership
  • Response to data breach and other unauthorized disclosure
  • Creating and maintaining data protection
  • Educating your workforce on data protection and security best practices

In 2017, Sequel launched PrivacyMinder™, a new tool that will help clients comply with emerging data protection law, particularly the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, and compete in a data-driven marketplace. PrivacyMinder brings together Sequel’s deep experience in counseling small and medium sized companies and up-to-the-minute, automated, online technology. PrivacyMinder helps businesses build a data management program that ensures you and your employees use and share data responsibly. PrivacyMinder positions companies for growth by promoting consumer trust, and preparing them to respond quickly to new business opportunities. And for companies facing unique data issues, Sequel offers Achieved Compliance, a consulting service that supplements PrivacyMinder’s automated service to deliver thoughtful, effective solutions.