Brand Monitoring & Protection

For many companies—especially those with a recognizable global brand presence—Internet infringement problems can appear endless.

Counterfeiters, competitors and even partners are finding new ways every day to exploit the power of the Internet at the expense of a company’s hard-earned brand value.

The Sequel team has protected clients’ brands in the Internet space for over 15 years. In fact, founding partner Melise Blakeslee has represented clients in some of the earliest federal district court trademark and domain name disputes, beginning in 1997, prior to the UDRP procedures used today. Today, our clients include global retailers, entertainment and media organizations, business services and technology companies.

Many brand monitoring reports often include numerous positive reports as well as negative ones. We prefer to cut to the chase—and we have found that our clients prefer that, too. Sequel’s targeted reporting identifies only those concerns likely to have a negative impact on our clients’ brands. Our years of experience in conducting brand monitoring have given us the ability to discern between what is likely to be a “real” problem for a brand and what is not.

We don’t just provide intelligence—we provide answers. A brand monitoring report from Sequel always presents a recommended strategy for each infringement problem we uncover. Furthermore, preservation of evidence is never an afterthought. We gather the relevant evidence as we go and these materials are provided to our clients as a routine part of each report.

Sequel literally “wrote the book” on Internet enforcement actions. We deploy a full range of the most cost-effective and efficient methods for addressing Internet threats, whether through a demand letter, a UDRP complaint, DMCA notices, negotiation with infringers, ISPS or contact with the social networking sites and other service providers.