Posted by Sequel on January 3, 2012
Curating Famous Brands

While some law firms and commercial security firms offer run-of-the-mill brand monitoring and protection services, Sequel aims to be a “curator” of our clients’ brand identities. A curator organizes and looks after the items in a collection—in our case, some of the most famous trademark brands in the world.

Exceptional judgment and understanding the mission are the key differences between a curator and a service that merely monitors the marketplace for infringements and churns out cease and desist letters. We help our clients protect their brands and fulfill their duty to police their trademark portfolios by giving them integrated services.

For example, for one on-going and long-time client, Sequel uncovers and investigates thousands of trademark, copyright and counterfeiting issues every month. We use proprietary technology that assesses indicia such as pages and visitor rankings, the presence of an active email server, as well as other factors determined to be important.

We then bring a trademark lawyer’s experienced eye to the overall range of thousands of problems. The client trusts us to sift through all the problems using our informed judgment based on knowledge of their objectives. Our criteria are established in monthly calls with the client and their marketing department to keep abreast of the brand’s marketing plans, goals and how the brand is—or is not—harmed by certain third-party uses of the client’s trademarks.

The result of the process may be a recommendation to act on less than 20 problems each month. We do not report any “problems” that do not meet the client’s criteria. We are also trusted to weed out uses of the trademarks or copyrights that do not present a legal claim – mostly instances of fair use, free speech or legitimate comparative advertising. Sequel stands behind its monthly opinions about what is worthy of calling to its client’s attention. This frees the client to pursue other pressing problems instead of wasting time trying to evaluate a voluminous report and assessing the impact on the brand of always-changing Internet scams and infringements.

Sequel is available virtually around the clock to respond to problems that come to our client’s attention such as email frauds, fraudulent discount cards, “leaked” information and marketing, and copyright violations. Sequel has VIP status with several of the major registrars and social network sites and is often able to resolve problems on a same-day basis.  

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